What different types of Der Vegane Flammkuchen are available?

We currently offer our Flammkuchen with 7 vegetables (tomatoes, zucchini, bell peppers, mushrooms, red cabbage, onions and spring onions), as well as a plain version with our delicious soy cream for your own creations.

Where can I buy the vegan Flammkuchen?

Our Flammkuchen is available in many denn's stores, all Veganz stores of Berlin, in many Füllhorn stores and in the Kissel SBK (in Lambrecht, Edenkoben, Landau, Kandel, Dahn and Bad Bergzabern). You can also buy directly from us in Offenbach/Queich. And last but not least we have our Flammkuchen franchises in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. You can find all locations here.

Where do the ingredients for Der Vegane Flammkuchen come from?

We go to great lengths to use the best and most sustainable ingredients for our product. Therefore, we get our ingredients regionally or out of season from Europe, as far as possible, except for coconut oil, agar agar, various spices and linseed oil. Find out more.

What’s the baking time?

Our Flammkuchen is pre-baked in a stone oven. That’s why every type of oven is suitable, and the baking time is shortened. With top and bottom heat, circulating heat or gas, you can bake the Flammkuchen at 220 °C for about 10 minutes. (Might vary depending on the type of oven)

Is the Flammkuchen gluten-free?

Our Flammkuchen is not gluten-free yet.

What’s the cream made of?

Our cream consists of fermented tofu from organic soybeans sourced in Italy without genetic engineering, it’s lactose-free and 100% vegan.

Is the vegan Flammkuchen organic?

Yes, Der Vegane Flammkuchen is certified with the German and European organic seal and thus fulfills all of the standards for the German state eco-label and the organic seal of the European Union. This means that our Flammkuchen is, among other things, free of preservatives, without genetic engineering and with ingredients from the organic sector.

Is Der Vegane Flammkuchen produced sustainably?

It was important to us that our product is organic and thus contributes to sustainability. We also looked for the most sustainable option in terms of packaging. That's why our packaging is made of recycled cardboard and the ink for it has also been selected to high standards. To keep our Flammkuchen fresh, we need a so-called shrink foil. We use the thickness 10 µm. This is already little plastic compared to other shrink films. Although a 7 µm thick shrink film is currently in development, it actually still causes more waste than the 10 µm shrink films. Biodegradable plastic is currently only available as a hard plastic, so we continue to look out for alternatives and will keep you updated on that matter.

Who is behind Der Vegane Flammkuchen?

Der Vegane Flammkuchen is a project of Lea Angelique Hutter and Pascal Knodel. Find more about us here.

Can I buy the Flammkuchen directly from the producer?

Sure! ADDRESS Flammkuchen Profi GmbH Im Schlangengarten 4 76877 Offenbach / Queich, Germany Find our opening hours here.

Can I rent professional ovens?

We have a rental service at our head quarters, where you can rent professional ovens, serving boards and Flammkuchen knives for your next party for a rental fee of 15 € per week with a minimum order value of 40 €. Please get in touch our sales department for more information: phone: +49 (0) 6348 95 963-0 e-mail: vertrieb@flammkuchen-profi.de

You have further question to Der Vegane Flammkuchen?

Then send us a message via e-mail to info@derveganeflammkuchen.com or contact us on Instagram or Facebook!